5 Best Smoking Spots in Portland

Oregon is known for their weed. Last year, we even heard they had so much weed that prices for a gram were dropping significantly. Portland is the largest city in […]

5 Best Smoking Spots in Denver

With Colorado being the first state to legalize cannabis the population of cannabis users in Denver is massive. I personally live in Denver so I wanted to give you the […]

Shiny Leaves and Yellow Spots

[ad_1] Hi! This is my very first time developing. My plants are lovely and about four weeks old. I have not had any issues till right now when i checked […]

Auto in coco displaying spots on leaves

[ad_1] It is a Zkittlez autoflower in Royal Gold Tupur mix. Tent is generally 70-71°F and 50-55% RH. I feed twice a day with eight-10ml/gal of Common Organics BioThrive Develop […]