Is Nitrogen Gas Good at Preserving Cannabis?

From the moment that cannabis buds are clipped off the branches and cured, the clock starts ticking down for bringing their maximum freshness and potency to the consumer. Exposure to […]

Clawing/Nitrogen toxicity

[ad_1] Hello every person ! Operating DWC 5Gal (19L) setup with complete canna aqua line and autoflower seed from white label, i changed my reservoir to flowering nutes at week […]

Magazine deficiency? Nitrogen tox/def??

[ad_1] I posted right here not way back and some folks prompt nitrogen toxicity was my concern. I’ve minimize off all nutrient answer to see if it recovered. New progress […]

Nitrogen toxicity?

[ad_1] Simply observed a bunch of my leaves are cupping and limp Nitrogen toxicity? View attachment 4336527 View attachment 4336531June 02, 2019 at 04:04PM repair your marijuana plant drawback .. […]

Iron deficiency? Or Nitrogen?

[ad_1] This plant is about two months old. Been only tap water and haven’t had an situation. Been carrying out nutrients of three-two-four each watering and often each other watering. […]