Clinical Endocannibinoid Deficiency Syndrome 

Clinical Endocannibinoid Deficiency What is Endocannibinoid Deficiency Syndrome? To start, a syndrome is a concurrence of symptoms that happen on a regular basis.  In other words, they always happen and happen […]

Potassium deficiency?

[ad_1] Hey guys, Just need to have some input on what this may perhaps be and what to do to remediate this difficulty. Im pondering it really is a potassium […]

Assist necessary please. Deficiency?

[ad_1] Autoflower outside Plants in early flower. Leaves have spots on them and dying? Feeding Greenhouse feeding Hybrid/Bloom Booster with typical tap water, declorinated. New grower, please assist November 27, […]

Is this a nitrogen deficiency?

[ad_1] I am three weeks into flowering (extended flowering sativa) and my reduce fan leaves are turning yellow. Is this a nitrogen deficiency? Really should I add fish fertilizer or […]