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“May revolutionize mental health care” – Fortune

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One of the greatest shake-ups of the healthcare industry is underway.

Top medical researchers have begun to focus on a unique, controversial, and potentially highly effective treatment for some of the world’s most complex and costly mental health conditions including addiction, depression, and PTSD.

Some of the world’s most prominent and successful Silicon Valley investors are backing it with hundreds of millions of dollars.

One prominent analyst recently estimated the total size of this opportunity at $100 Billion.1

And today’s featured company, Mind Cure (OTC: MCURF | CSE: MCUR), is a small company that has positioned itself at the center of it all.

And with a current market value of just C$33 million (US$25 million)2, this small upstart company has a lot of room to grow to catch up to its top competitors which have earned valuations of $1 billion and more.

Mind Cure has already started the aggressive growth path with a few recent announcements and the markets are reacting.

Mind Cure shares have steadily climbed as much as 200% since its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in September through to the start of December, but as you’ll see below, the company still has a lot of room to grow.

This is an explosive situation, the window of opportunity is open, and now is the time to determine if it’s for you.

The Math Of An Exponential Growth Opportunity

For investors, Mind Cure’s advantage is its current valuation.

Mind Cure shares were trading at the start of December 2020 at a price of C$0.60 (about US$0.45) each.

The company has total shares outstanding of just under 55 million shares.

So even though Mind Cure shares have TRIPLED from the IPO placement price of C$0.20 per share, the company has a market cap of just C$33 million ($25 million).

Relative to Compass Pathways ($2 billion) and Mind Medicine ($1.6 billion), Mind Cure has a lot more room to grow from this point.

Based on these comparables, there is exponential growth potential from here.

And the wind is still at the back of medicinal psychedelics startups too.

Consider Investing In Psychedelics Now

In the end, the entire opportunity in medicinal psychedelics is a simple one.

The mental health care industry is long overdue for major innovation.

Anti-depressants, many developed in the middle of the last century, have consistently proven to not be the most effective treatments or even possibly counterproductive in many cases.

Psychedelics have the potential to be the disruptive force that shakes up the entire mental health sector.

And now novel psychedelic treatments have attracted the financial backing of some of the biggest money investors in the world and can truly advance clinical research in psychedelics targeted at the most promising solutions.

That final change – the surge of capital and investor awareness – has changed everything for all facets of the psychedelics industry.

Companies like Mind Cure (OTC: MCURF | CSE: MCUR) may be positioned to ride the psychedelics boom all the way to the top too.


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1. Analyst – $100 billion – http://www.baystreet.ca/articles/stockstowatch/62642/Psychedelic-Drugs-Could-Create-a-100-Billion-Investment-Opportunity

2. Mind Cure – 54 million s/o – Dec 1 avg price of C$0.60 (US$0.45 ) – C$33 million ($25 million)

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