Hi, I am looking for a partner from Vancouver who is interested in the cannabis accessory field.

This is Luis. I wish to start up a new company in Vancouver. But the Canadian government doesn’t allow foreign individuals to have 100% share of a company in Canada, therefore I have to find a partner who is interested in cannabis accessories. Please let me know if you are the one~

I have 7 years of experience in the e-commerce field, 5 years on Amazon.com, 4 years on Aliexpress, and 2 years on Shopify.

Currently, I have 7 employees work in my Chinese company, they are managing 5 professional stores on Amazon.com. The annual revenue of 5 stores is about 2 million bucks. We are the #1 ranking “fly swatter” seller on Amazon.com, our products include fly swatters, men’s wallets, and vacuum filters. And I am expanding some new products in the cannabis accessories field.

I have excellent resources in China, includes logistic resources, manufactory resources, and everything related to the e-commerce business field. I have a Chinese company that can provide all necessary assistance to the Canada Company.

For the Canadian partner, he/she is better to know something in this field, Amazon/Shopify/Google Ads. Excellent communication skills, we will need him/her to get in touch with posters on Instagramers / YouTubers / Bloggers for some advertising purposes. Professional cooperation attitudes, we will need to share some tasks, I will in charge of communicating with the China side and inventory preparation, and logistic from China to Canada, he/she has to in charge of Canada side, includes but not limited to develop offline customers, dig more requirements, do essential marketing works, writing product descriptions and optimizing listings continually.

We hope to copy our success in China to Canada and get to the next level for our business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We are not stingy ones, so everything is negotiable. All we wish to do is to have a great business in Canada, and this has to be a long term play, which we can hand it down to future generations.



My Email: [email protected]

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