Perhaps an odd question, but could an allergy to hemp somehow, even vaguely, explain a bad reaction to weed?

When I first started using weed I took a lot just trying to feel something, then I stopped for awhile because it didn’t really do anything for me… but I started taking it again several years later, at first there was a mild boost in creativity and focus which I really enjoyed, but it quickly lead to paranoia after a few months, I tried all sorts of different strains, but nothing really effected me positively, i had a lot of bad experiences, and then I found that the only to avoid a bad trip was to forego cannabis altogether. I recently discovered that I was allergic to all things containing hemp. Hand soap causes me to break out in a rash, shampoo give me itchy scalp, etc. I know they’re different things, but idk, is it possible… at this point anything to do with the plant just seems like a negative thing for me personally, and it kinda sucks

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