I use a blow tube sometimes. Today I smelled it and it brought me to tears.

Not sure where to post this but, I smelled the blow tube to see if it still smelled like freshness, and it kinda did. But it smelled just like my mom and it made me happy/sad. My mom was a heavy smoker who did use Bounty dryer sheets. And perfume. She died 3 years ago and this scent felt like when we were cleaning out her apartment, her closet specifically. This scent made me remember her and how she smelled most of my life. She didn’t have a disgusting cigarette smoke smell. Just faint. I miss her. We had a checkered past, but now that she’s gone and I feel closer to her than I ever did while she was alive and it makes me sad and happy. Thanks shitty highschool style blow tube.

TL/DR (or however you say it for a summary: my dead mom smells like a blow tube, and I kinda like it.

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