How Long Do CBD Edibles’ Effects Last?

With CBD sales poised to hit the $7-billion mark in the US by 2023, manufacturers are continually coming up with innovative ways to market CBD products. One of the most ingenious ways so far has been CBD Gummies.

Even though CBD oil has been the most versatile delivery method for most users, a lot of people who need their CBD doses have replaced it with CBD edibles, especially gummies, as they are easy to carry around in your pocket and… are lip-smackingly delicious!

But, wait! Before you head off for your first jar of CBD gummy bears, worms, or rings, you must find out more about CBD edibles to make a well-informed decision.

Unlike hash brownies, CBD gummies aren’t intoxicating or addictive. Neither will they develop drug tolerance in you, like marijuana edibles. CBD edibles DO NOT contain Δ-9 tetrahydrocannabinol – better known as THC.

Additionally, CBD, unlike marijuana, can be infused in any kind of food. Its sale and use are legal in the US and has even been deemed safe for use by the World Health Organization – even for young children and teens!

CBD edibles are available in many variants in the market, with the most popular ones usually being the sweet and sour candy treats, truffles, and protein bars, sugar-free gummies, sugar-coated gummy bears, and even dried fruits. Alternatively, you can try preparing CBD gummies at home too!

If you’re asking yourself – ‘How long will CBD edibles’ effects last on the human body?’ – then you’ve come to the right place.

How Long Do The Effects of CBD Edibles Last?

CBD in the edible form can take somewhere around 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. But they’re usually effective for up to 8 hours. It takes nearly one week for CBD to be completely metabolized in the system and get eliminated from your system.

When taken orally, CBD has a half-life of up to 1 to 2 days in the human body, i.e. it remains active and effective. However, it also depends on your dosage, your bodyweight, your metabolism, your frequency of intake, the kind of food you consume along with it – or not, etc.

Nonetheless, users usually feel the need to take a CBD gummy every 6-8 hours to keep their symptoms under check.

How Do CBD Edibles Benefit You?

No studies have so far discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using CBD edibles. Nevertheless, several advantages of using CBD edibles have emerged over the years.

  1. Long-lasting impact

Though they take some time to kick in, the effects have a more lasting effect than other formulations. The main reason for CBD edibles’ delayed impact is its delivery method. It has to go through the digestive system, where it’s broken down by the liver enzymes (CYP450) for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream. All these processes take time. This is known as the first-pass effect. Due to the same reason, its potency is also, considerably, lost, making it less bioavailable.

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  1. Edibles are portable

Carrying gummies or toffees is easy. So is using a coffee or tea bag. CBD-infused edibles and drinkable products are all made to be portable – for travel or at work. CBD oil bottles are easily breakable and much less discreet too.

  1. CBD edibles do not disturb your lungs

CBD edibles don’t come in contact with your lungs like they do in vaping products. Although CBD vapor is more effective and fast-acting, there’s always the fear of lung and throat congestion from the use of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polypropylene glycol (PPG). Hence, CBD edibles can be a better option if you suffer from pulmonary issues.

  1. It’s easy to dose with CBD edibles

Unlike CBD oils or e-liquids, CBD edibles come in pre-adjusted doses. They’re available in easy-to-use 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg variants, making it easier to adjust doses – even for first-timers.

Unfortunately, everything in this world has a few downsides. CBD in the edible form is no different.

Are there any Drawbacks of using CBD Edibles?

While topicals are great for localized wounds, cuts, sprains, among others, without having to put it into your body, tinctures and vape liquids are excellent methods of systemic delivery. They are prompt-acting and provide adequate relief. They don’t encounter any liver enzymes to activate the eCB receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) or reach their target areas.

However, this is exactly what’s wrong with CBD edibles.

When ingested, CBD must undergo the first-pass effect, in which it interacts with the liver enzymes (cytochrome P450 group of enzymes), which leads to a decrease in its potency, dosage, concentration, and thus its bioavailability.

Owing to this, only a small portion of the actual dose gets absorbed into the bloodstream, and what reaches the ECS is far less. The liver metabolizes the rest of it and flushes it out of your system.

Why Do CBD Edibles Take So Long To Impact?

Before we get into that, know this: You can’t overdose on CBD edibles. So that’s something to cheer about!

Nevertheless, it is always wise to stick to your optimal dose.

A 2011 review, published in the Current Drug Safety, discussed how several studies have determined that even chronic and high CBD doses of 1500 mg/day can be “well-tolerated” by humans.

But you need not worry, as most CBD brands provide a CBD dosage guide that is both easy and safe to follow.

Several factors play their roles in influencing the absorption process of CBD-infused gummies.

  • CBD Concentration

CBD edibles have a low CBD-content. Always the CBD-content of a product before you purchase them. Most reputed manufacturers print it on the label as well as provide adequate information regarding their product’s CBD concentration and dosage on their website. Sometimes, people do find less CBD in the product than what is claimed by the brand. Similar findings are highlighted in a research letter cum study, published in the JAMA in 2017.

  • First-pass effect

Owing to CBD edibles undergoing the “first-pass effect”, CBD is first metabolized by the liver enzymes to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This process takes longer than most other delivery methods. Apparently, only 20-30% of the total dose of the CBD edibles actually reaches the bloodstream.

  • Bioavailability & Pharmacokinetics

Very few published data is available on the bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of CBD edibles in humans. Despite its widespread use, the paucity of data on bioavailability and pharmacokinetics is still a limiting factor. (Bioavailability is the percentage of a drug that reaches the systemic circulation to travel through the blood vessels to reach its target.) Nevertheless, the rationale for this is that CBD in edibles must undergo the first-pass effect in the digestive system to reach the bloodstream, leading to its low bioavailability.

  • Time & Ways To Consume

Try using CBD edibles with fat, like established in a recent study, published in Epilepsia. Use olive oil or avocado or a lot of cheese in your diet when consuming CBD edibles. Alternatively, take it on an empty stomach, when your body is ready to absorb anything it gets.

  • Physiological Limitations

These include factors like body weight, metabolism level, and diet. Fat people with low metabolism need higher dosage for it to be effective, but retain CBD better than athletic people.

  • Type of Extract

Full- or broad-spectrum CBD extracts are more potent than isolates and come with an entourage effect that enhances the overall effects of CBD.

So, who can use CBD edibles?

What Kind of Users are CBD Edibles Ideal For?

Knowing why CBD edibles are so great, it’s quite easy to assess the kind of users for whom consuming CBD edibles is a good option.

  • Athletes who want to boost their energy and endurance levels may use CBD edibles on the go, without fear of affecting their performance.
  • People suffering from knee and joint pains, as well as other forms of pain and inflammatory conditions, prefer CBD edibles.
  • It’s an easy, portable, and discreet option for frequent travelers and office-goers.
  • Excellent for those trying to wean off addictive drugs – both prescription and illicit.
  • Great for the elderly, who do not need a big dose and ill-equipped to handle dosage titration.
  • It’s even a yummy option for your pets!

If you think that CBD edibles are great for you, don’t forget to consult your doctor before ordering your first jar of CBD gummy bears online for yourself and your family.

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