Racial Discrimination in the Cannabis Industry

Racial Discrimination in the Cannabis Industry

On the question of whether the government has done enough to reduce cases of discrimination in the cannabis industry, 79,69% said yes, while 20,31% said that it hasn’t. This could be an indication that victims recognize the broader societal nature of the problem of racism. They, therefore, don’t blame the government or expect it alone to be the solution. 

Some of the people who said the government wasn’t doing enough believe that it is only interested in the money that comes from the cannabis industry. They argue that it is not interested in the people working in the industry or the communities affected by drug abuse. Therefore, the government leaves the flawed social dynamic of racism to play out unhindered in the marijuana industry. 

Some respondents felt that the government isn’t doing enough because the black communities that are more affected by drug abuse aren’t involved in the cannabis industry. These respondents believed that the lack of involvement of the most affected people is a form of racial discrimination. 

Other suggestions included the government sending inspectors in dispensaries and other cannabis-related establishments to help curb discriminatory practices. Respondents also argue that the government should educate people on matters to do with racism and put more effort into enforcement.

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