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I will have to have attempted more than 30 diverse brands of cannabis oil cartridges ahead of attempting a Silver Back Clear cart from Dr Zodiak. I never invest in street brand cartridges like dank vapes since they claim to have ridiculous amounts of THC with out any lab test to prove it. Following Attempting a dank vape from a buddy I immediately knew it was trash. It was truly weak and the THC oil moved way as well speedy. We in fact have a video of this on our youtube channel which ill show now.

I make it a habit to only invest in from delivery solutions on weedmaps that have excellent testimonials and an active license. I kept hearing about Moon Rocks clear carts and how they test more than 90%. I was skeptical about Moon Rocks Clear and had to attempt them out for myself and our readers on cannabisthrives.com

Counterfeit Moon Rock Clear Carts Sold In Licensed Delivery Solutions

However, my initial encounter obtaining a Moon Rock Clear cartridge turned into a horrible 1. It had to be 1 of the weakest THC oil cartridges I’ve ever attempted. The taste also reminded me of PG and VG, but extra like tap water.

I reside in California, exactly where it is notorious ideal now for a lot of counterfeit cartridges getting offered and sold by delivery solutions with active and nonactive cannabis nonstore front licenses on weedmaps . My initial encounter with the Dr Zodiak brand was from Leading shelf delivery on weedmaps.com. A bay region delivery service. They presently have active nonstore front license, which signifies they can legally sell cannabis through a delivery service. Their license was active throughout the time of my obtain.

Their license is nonetheless presently active. Considering the fact that they had been licensed I assumed I would get an genuine Dr Zodiak cartridge. Nonetheless, Leading Shelf Delivery by no means had the blue badge subsequent to their Silverback Clear cart by Dr Zodiak, which meant they had been not officially authorized retailer sellers of this brand.

Okay, so it appears like not each cannabis delivery service is truthful even if they have a legal cannabis license to sell, they are risking the opportunity of losing it by promoting counterfeits. The only purpose I was drawn to the Moon Rock clear carts is since of their heavy marketing of 90%. This 90% can be observed on all of their newest packaging that was released this year. There was no way in hell that the Silver Back clear we bought from Leading shelf was anyplace close to 90% THC or cannabinoids.

Authenthic Silver Back Clear Cart

We decided to obtain the similar Silverback clear cart by Dr Zodiak once more, but this time from a delivery service on weedmaps that had the blue badge. This tiny blue badge signifies they are an authorized retailer of Moon Rocks clear brand verified by weedmaps.com.

SilverBack Clear Cart Lab Test Final results

silver back clear lab test

The delivery service verified by weedmaps as a Moon Rocks clear cart retailer was Green On The Go. As an alternative of vaping it and attempting to examine its strength with other carts Ive attempted, I took a go to to Harrens Lab in Hayward California. They are identified for getting the official Lab for Hempcon. They are also state accredited. I meet with Ming Lee, the CEO and told him about my issues and shared with his this similar story I am sharing now.

I dropped off the Silverback clear cartridge, the extremely similar 1 Dr Zodiak shows in his videos to Harrens Lab. A couple of days later I received the lab test outcomes back, and I was truly shocked that the Silver Back clear cartridge in fact had 90% cannabinoids and 87%. Nonetheless, the THC oil from the SilverBack Clear cart also came back optimistic for truly higher and unsafe amounts of pesticides.

90% % Cannabinoids Detected In Lab Test Final results

The truth that the cannabinoids match up with the box claim of 90% is proof itself that this cartridge is a genuine and genuine Moon Rock clear cart. In addition, this shows Dr.Zodiak truly does not care about promoting clean cannabis oil cartridges and is only concentrate on the income from the sales. I can see this becoming an American Greed story. Promoting poison to the cannabis neighborhood and playing each markets legal and illegal.

Following releasing our lab test outcomes, Dr Zodiak removed their Silverback clear cart and other packaging from weedmaps.com and blocked us on Instagram. The delivery service Green On The Go afterward lost the tiny blue checkmark they had on their Moon Rock clear carts.

Dr Zodiak Alterations Packaging on Weedmaps

It appears like Dr Zodiak dropped them as an authorized retailer on weedmaps. Most probably to distance himself from the truth, his solution has pesticides. Despite the fact that GReen on the Go was an authorized retailer on weedmaps when we bought the Silverback clear cart, they had been not working with an active shop-front license and nonetheless do not have 1 these days and stay on weedmaps.com. They presently have authorized retailers for Flavrx ideal now according to weedmaps.com

Weedmaps is presently also below fire from the US government for enabling just that, unlicensed solutions operating on their site.

We exchanged emails and requested lab test outcomes but by no means received any, for that reason that is why we decided to take it upon ourselves and locate out the truth from a trustworthy lab.

A single of the pesticides discovered was more than the legal limit 236 occasions and is identified for getting extremely toxic to the human liver. It can enlarge it and even result in permanent liver harm. Keep up to date with cannabis news at cannabisthrives.com.


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