According to CBC News, current statistics show an uptick in drug impaired driving and theft – particularly marijuana theft.

The influence on public security, in particular as it pertains to driving, is anything that legislators and opponents regularly believed about. Fearmongering more than a huge improve in impaired driving accidents or deaths became a crucial tool in the prohibitionist arsenal.

Admittedly, 2019 has observed a rise – at least for the Waterloo Regional Police Service – in cannabis DUI charges.

A rather unexpected consequence, on the other hand, includes cannabis theft, which adds to the general theft prices in the region.

Although Waterloo is just one particular little sample, it is indicative of a bigger trend. But even though these statistics might appear pretty clear, there are some other components to think about.


Gradual Boost in Drug-Impaired Driving


Incidents of drug-impaired driving have peaked this year, reaching a total of 75 as of October 17th. On the surface, this could indicate that cannabis legalization is to blame. But primarily based on preceding patterns, legalization might not be as culpable as some could want to think.

CBC News explains:


“In 2018, there have been 69 drug-impaired charges, 70 in 2017 and 53 charges in 2016 connected to drug-impaired driving, according to Waterloo regional police.”


If authorities had observed a sudden spike in drug-impaired driving in between 2018 and 2019, then legalization could be held accountable. But it is clear that an upward trend was in location more than the final 3 years – just about 3 of which did not fall for the duration of the October 17th, 2018 period of legalization.

But this and other considerations are factors that police openly admit:


“Staff Sgt. Mike Hinsperger says the improve in drug impaired driving charges is component of a longer-term trend that preceded legalization…’The forms of impaired by drug investigations we’re involving ourselves in are, extra usually than not, several drugs combined causing the impairment.’”


Additionally, these prices are not especially alarming. If we take the 2019 typical, this amounts to about six incidents per month.

Alcohol, police say, nonetheless remains the largest culprit, with 350 individuals charged in 2019 so far.

A single cause for this trend could be that police do not have to suspect an person is intoxicated ahead of administering a test for alcohol. Drugs, on the other hand, demand a affordable suspicion ahead of police can investigate additional, which means tests are significantly less frequent.

This of course leaves some unanswered inquiries that will hopefully be clearer as extra information becomes obtainable.


Marijuana Theft


A single trend that absolutely rose is marijuana theft. Granted, it is difficult to make formal comparison to pre-legalization numbers, given that illegal cannabis customers are unlikely to report their stolen drugs to police.

Nevertheless, it is clear that legalization opened the door to these aforementioned crimes. The unfortunate component is that these theft incidents are preventable if individuals merely adhere to the guidelines.

According to CBC News:


“Wellington County OPP Const. Joshua Cunningham has noticed even if individuals are getting marijuana legally, they’re not usually following the guidelines. ‘People are not storing and carrying and utilizing marijuana as the regulations are set out [says Cunningham].’”


Yet another issue Cunningham notices is that thieves are receiving very bold. Police have observed improve in break-ins, with suspects going into people’s residences and yards exactly where cannabis is expanding legally.

At this point, it is vital to recall that regulations permit a maximum of 4 plants per household in most provinces (zero in other folks). These have to have to be inaccessible to young children and hidden from plain sight. This is vital for public security and prevents citizens from becoming targeted by thieves.


WeedAdvisor’s Help for Public Security


As a proud provider of company options in the cannabis sector, WeedAdvisor understands that legalization is not with out its flaws. A lot of the consequences are nonetheless unclear, but there are specific locations that certainly raise some issues.

We encourage all buyers to adhere to the law when it comes to driving beneath the influence and to preserve their plants or items properly-hidden.