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September 26, 2019

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Envision smoking a cross of 3 popular California strains. The Cookie Mix strain is one more uncommon exotic cannabis strain that is crossed with Cherry Pie, GSC, and Triangle Kush. The nugs had been large and dense with a potent smell of dank. They had been also completely coated with trichomes. Super dense nugs with hints of purple that can be identified. This Cookie Mix strain is some of the most current very best out of California. This marijuana strain is a Hybrid and Indica dominant. The orange pistons can be barely noticed simply because of the enormous quantity of Trichomes covering it. Anticipate to uncover this bud for no significantly less than $50 an eighth at dispensaries and delivery solutions.

Cookie Mix Weed Is Potent

cake mix strain review

Any cannabis smokers who is right after premium buds will be happy with the Cookie Mix strain. The THC potency is higher with this weed and a bowl employing a bong will be a lot. Inexperienced cannabis smokers must attempt smoking a tiny quantity of the Cookie Mix weed. This strain was grown indoors in a controlled atmosphere in California. We had been fortunate sufficient to acquire this strain from a farmer who also supplies to the dispensaries in the Bay Location. We are privileged to know a person who is close to this grower and supplies us with these strains for our testimonials.

Sweet Taste

No, this strain does not taste like its name. It would be crazy for an actual strain to taste like Cookie Mix. On the other hand, its sweet name does describe its flavor adequately. The terpenes from the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie actually make this a sweet-tasting smoke. It does have that kush earthy taste also which tends to make an all round actually excellent flavor. As a person who has been smoking for more than a decade, this Cookie Mix strain was a single of my best 10 favorites for confident.

Cookie Mix Strain Overview

Cookie Mix Strain Overview


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The Cake Mix cannabis strain is actual treat for any stoner seeking for potency.


Dank Strain From California

The Cake Mix cannabis strain is actual treat for any stoner seeking for potency.

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