Teri Buhl, Smashmouth Unique Report: Foulmouth locker area speak central in text messages shared more than Sol International Investments


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A foreign investor in the cannabis sector publisheda reportthis week detailing howAndy Defrancescoand a gang of higher net worth investors set up complex private transactions securing dirt affordable stock in the firm Sol International Investments would reverse merge with to turn into publicly traded. The report only utilizes study from the cannabis company’s obscure and frequently confusing monetary statements to show Group Defrancesco obtaining millions of shares of stock at a discount 25 instances much less than what it was sold to unsuspecting retail investors. To execute the scheme they had to have had enable from gatekeepers. New emails and text message obtained by this publication now show enablers such as lawyers, friendly CEO’s, the head of a broker dealer, and a mega millionaire investor collude collectively to allegedly manipulate a number of stocks, like Sol International, more than the final decade, rape retail investors via self dealing transactions, and possibly trade on inside information and facts.

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Text messages show Cannabis investors Defrancesco &amp Serruya allegedly Colluded with Clarus Securities’ Christodoulis in Numerous Stocks


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