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CBD Oil Review rates the PhytoLogica™ Brand with five stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission, Charity, Safety & Innovation Badges.

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PhytoLogica™: 60-Second Summary

PhytoLogica may be the entrepreneurial embodiment of a silver lining. While the father of the company’s founder may have lost his battle with cancer, despite finding help through cannabidiol, that didn’t stop his daughter from taking what she’d learned from the experience to help others get through their own difficult times. And fittingly, a company inspired by so much medical hardship, goes through special pains to ensure the CBD oil it delivers is as safe and high quality as possible.

**  Review Updated 7/3/2019

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PhytoLogica™ Brand Review

There’s certainly no shortage of personal experiences that have inspired entrepreneurs to begin selling CBD oil — but unfortunately, not all those stories have happy endings.

For PhytoLogica founder Heather Atwell, that sad outcome goes double.

The businesswoman was dealt a particularly tricky hand when her parents underwent nearly simultaneous health crises: Her father was diagnosed with throat and neck cancer while her mother, a longtime opioid addict, began showing the first signs of Dementia.

Determined to help however she could, Atwell came across the concept of cannabidiol in her research, and eventually devised a CBD oil regimen for her father which she said helped beat the cancer back into remission. Her mother, however, wouldn’t take the supplement, and as her mental state continued to deteriorate, Atwell’s father became consumed with grief, fell back into old, unhealthy habits, and eventually saw his cancer return — this time, fatally.

But rather than let the tragedy stop and define her, Atwell focused on what she saw as the positive experience her father had with cannabidiol, using it as inspiration to start PhytoLogica.

Perhaps also inspired by that particularly painful history, PhytoLogica takes extensive measures to ensure its products are as safe and high-quality as possible. The company sources its hemp from certified organic farms in Colorado, then puts the plant through the supercritical CO2 extraction method, as well as an additional proprietary purification process, to produce its THC-free CBD oil.

Each batch also undergoes third-party lab testing, with Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) showcasing the levels of THC and CBD, as well as the lack of heavy metals, residual solvents, and other contaminants present on each product page.

The thoughtful cannabidiol mixture is then infused into a trio of delivery methods, including CBD oil tinctures, cannabidiol softgel capsules, and CBD topical balm. CBD oil tinctures for pets are also available.

PhytoLogical’s softgels institute nanotechnology to widely increase the product’s bioavailability (which is up to 4x higher than non-water soluble CBD gelcaps, according to the company). And we’re happy to point out that the brand switched from polysorbates in these softgels to an all-natural emulsifier. A giant pat on the back from us on this one!

Ingredients throughout the CBD catalog check out, with prices ranging from $47 to $269.

Bottom line: PhytoLogica may have been inspired by tragedy, but the company seems truly dedicated to helping others avoid a similar fate. The care they take in sourcing and preparing their CBD products is obvious from the start, and the numbers they happily offer only serve to solidify safety claims. The company even shows a charitable side, offering a discount for military members and veterans.

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Badges For PhytoLogica™

PhytoLogica ReviewCharity Verified

PhytoLogica offers a discount for military members, past and present, to thank them for their service.

PhytoLogica ReviewMission Verified

PhytoLogica wants to provide people with an array of all-natural methods for healing the body from within.

PhytoLogica ReviewQuality Verified

PhytoLogica’s hemp is grown on certified organic farms in Colorado, and the company utilizes the supercritical CO2 extraction method to derive its CBD oil, as well as an additional proprietary purification process to separate any THC out of the final cannabidiol product.

PhytoLogica ReviewSafety Verified

Each PhytoLogica product comes with a current Certificate of Analysis (CoA) showcasing the lack of residual solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

PhytoLogica ReviewInnovation Verified

PhytoLogica utilizes nanotechnology to procure their water-soluble CBD softgels.

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PhytoLogica Review


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