O’Rourke unveils program to legalize marijuana, finish war on drugs


President hopeful Beto O’Rourke on Thursday unveiled a plan to legalize marijuana and finish the war on drugs.

The former Texas congressman would grant clemency to these presently serving sentences for marijuana possession, establish a model for marijuana legalization and give grants to these impacted by the war on drugs to enable them benefit from the new sector.

The “Drug War Justice Grants” would be offered to these formerly incarcerated for nonviolent marijuana offenses in state and federal prison.

Licenses to produce, distribute, or sell marijuana would be funneled to minority-owned firms and charges would be waived for low-earnings individuals who had previously been convicted of associated offenses.

“We require to not only finish the prohibition on marijuana, but also repair the harm completed to the communities of colour disproportionately locked up in our criminal justice technique or locked out of chance simply because of the War on Drugs,” O’Rourke mentioned in a statement.

“These inequalities have compounded for decades, as predominantly white communities have been offered the vast majority of profitable business enterprise possibilities, when communities of colour nevertheless face more than-policing and criminalization. It is our duty to start to remedy the injustices of the previous and enable the individuals and communities most impacted by this misguided war.” [Read more at The Hill]


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