I haven’t utilized weed all year! : Marijuana


So I began smoking weed when I was 19 and by no means looked back given that! Now I’m 40 and haven’t smoked for 9 months (given that Christmas time) when I went on trip and didn’t take weed with me. I figured I went on a five day streak so I just kept it going. And going. And going… A lot of have asked if I’m such a weed lover and advocate, why am I withholding?? Nicely, it is strange. Basically I can not wait to get back to it! But I haven’t, and I even have some in my refrigerator in bottles so they will not develop mold in my garage. But I like to consider of this as an experiment of sorts. And it is all in the name of weed! Some points I’ve discovered out are that:

  • the “munchies “ are a lie! I nonetheless crave the exact same junk late at evening even if I do not smoke. Individuals are genuinely just pigs but they want to blame it on weed!

  • nonetheless hasn’t helped to be extra talkative in social settings, so weed is not the explanation for me getting “quiet”

  • I in fact didn’t endure from negative allergies this year! Possibly it was in fact the weed aggravating that challenge? Just some observations I believed I’d share. Oh yeah, I hope to get a new job and pass my pee test with flying colors!


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