Hemp Banking Bill to hit U.S. Home Floor – We Want Your Action These days


Legislation that would encourage U.S. banks and credit card corporations to do organization with hemp and CBD corporations will hit the floor of the U.S. Home of Representatives in the subsequent couple of days.  We will need your assistance These days in making certain that it is passed.


Difficulty in getting banks and credit card corporations to deal with monetary transactions has been plaguing the hemp sector for a lot of months.  As well a lot of monetary institutions refuse to do organization with hemp and CBD corporations, worried about the threat that they will be sanctioned by federal agencies.


U.S. Rep. Andy Barr (KY) has stepped forward with a option. Language that he drafted in close consultation with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable was added to the Protected Banking Act, a bill pending that would present federal protections for banking with all cannabis corporations.  Particularly, Rep. Barr’s language would:


  • Give a protected harbor for hemp monetary transactions, making certain that banks and other monetary institutions would not face federal punishment for these activities and
  • Direct the federal monetary regulators (FDIC, Federal Reserve, and so forth.) to situation clear, formal guidance to banks, credit card corporations and other monetary institutions about the legality of hemp and CBD commerce.


Verify out Sections 11-12 of the Protected Banking Act for particulars.


The bill will go just before the complete Home in a matter of days, so it is essential that we act now.  Please use our on the internet portal to e-mail your Member of Congress to urge them to vote for passage of the Protected Banking Act with the hemp provisions integrated.



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