Health-related cannabis a feasible remedy for discomfort and strengthen top quality of life



Introduction: Patients with significant illness usually have discomfort, uncontrolled symptoms, and poor top quality of life. Proof continues to evolve with regards to the function of cannabis to treat chronic discomfort, nausea, and anorexia. Tiny is identified about how sufferers with significant illness perceive its rewards and harms. Provided that an rising quantity of clinicians across the United States are treating sufferers with healthcare cannabis, it is crucial for providers to fully grasp patient beliefs about this modality. We assessed patient perceptions of rewards and harms of cannabis who obtained a healthcare cannabis card inside an ambulatory palliative care (APC) practice. Solutions: We recruited sufferers with a healthcare cannabis card, enabling for legal possession of cannabis oil, from an APC practice in Georgia. All participants reported using cannabis products. Sufferers completed an on the net survey that integrated concerns about their cannabis use, concurrent opiate or controlled medication use, and perceptions of rewards and harms of cannabisFinal results: All 101 sufferers invited to participate completed the survey. A majority had cancer (76%) and had been married (61%), disabled or retired (75%), older than 50 years of age (64%), and guys (56%). Most sufferers ingested (61%) or vaporized (49%) cannabis products. A majority of respondents perceived cannabis to be crucial for their discomfort (96%) management. They reported that side effects had been minimally bothersome, and drowsiness was the most frequently reported bothersome harm (28%). A minority of sufferers reported cannabis withdrawal symptoms (19%) and issues for dependency (14%). The majority of sufferers had been applying concurrent prescription opioids (65%). Moreover, a majority of cancer sufferers reported cannabis as becoming crucial for cancer remedy (59%). Conclusion: Patients living with significant illnesses who use cannabis in the context of a multidisciplinary APC practice use cannabis for curative intent and for discomfort and symptom manage. Sufferers reported improved discomfort, other symptoms, and a sense of properly-becoming with couple of reported harms.

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PMID: 31539298 DOI: 10.1089/jpm.2019.0211



arrabi AJ1, Welsh JWtwo, Sniecinski Rthree, Curseen K1, Gillespie Tfour, Baer Wtwo, McKenzie-Brown AMthree, Singh Vthree.


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