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Proper Hemp Co Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Proper Hemp Co Brand with no stars because it qualifies for none of the Badges.

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Proper Hemp Co: 60-Second Summary

Like the traditional image of a “proper” gentleman or lady from the days of yore, Proper Hemp keeps an exceedingly stiff upper lip. The company reveals minimal background info about itself—from its general operating philosophies to the sources of its hemp to its CBD oil third-party testing policies. Products span a wide range, and full ingredients lists are offered, which we appreciate, but overall, there’s just not enough information to go off of to make too many other notable points on Proper.


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Proper Hemp Co Brand Review

Proper Hemp keeps it all very close to the chest.

The company actually offers an impressively wide array of CBD oil-infused wares, including CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies, cannabidiol softgels, CBD dog treats, cannabidiol topicals and even cannabidiol coffee.

Unfortunately, we don’t get any background information on the company, its ethos, its hemp sourcing ideology, any third-party lab testing processes, or much of anything else, aside from a spate of helpful, but otherwise general, information on cannabidiol and the endocannabinoid system. (We’re also told that Proper Hemp utilizes nanoemulsification technology on its CBD oil batches, to aid with bioavailability.)

The product pages themselves are equally light on information we generally look for from a CBD oil seller, though we do appreciate that Proper Hemp includes full ingredients lists for its products. (On that note, its CBD softgels are not vegetarian or vegan-friendly and also utilize polysorbates, which we’re not huge fans of, as the substance is typically treated with the noxious chemical ethylene oxide. The company’s CBD gummies are also made with artificial food colorings like Red 40 and Yellow 5.)

Prices at Proper range from $8 for cannabidiol dog treats and $20 for the smaller, less potent bottle of CBD gelcaps, to $130 for the company’s CBD muscle cream.

Bottom line: Proper Hemp leaves us a bit speechless—but not necessarily in a good way. The company reveals next to nothing on its own background, inspiration, or mission. There’s no mention of the CBD oil extraction process or where or how the company’s hemp is grown or sourced. And Proper is equally mum about third-party lab testing. The company may well take all of the highest precaution when creating its wide span of CBD oil products, but without any of it documented or even mentioned for us, we just can’t drum up enough information to award them any of our badges.

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Proper Hemp Co

Proper Hemp Co Review


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