Plain Jane: CBD-rich hemp pre-rolls without the smell!


Plain Jane CBD pre-rolls are the smokable CBD product that so many people have been waiting for. If there’s one drawback to regular, CBD-rich hemp flower, it is the pungent aroma that is pretty much indistinguishable from marijuana. This means that flower users have to be pretty secretive about their use, in case anyone suspects them of smoking cannabis

Plain Jane have taken advantage of a gap in the market, developing a product that allows people to smoke CBD, without any dramas. In this guide to Plain Jane CBD cigarettes, we’ll be showing you: 

  • How Plain Jane CBD pre-rolls are made 
  • Why Plain Jane products are preferable to standard CBD flower for some users
  • How Plain Janes can complement cannabis 
  • Why it makes sense to switch from tobacco to CBD cigarettes
  • What Plain Jane users have had to say about their products

What is CBD?

Before we get stuck into the details, you may be wondering, “What is CBD?” It stands for cannabidiol, and is one of the most vital compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is part of the cannabinoid family, and acts upon the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This appears to offer numerous therapeutic effects, although scientists remain in the early phases of ECS research. 

Hemp-based CBD products are legal in the United States as supplements. Recent surveys indicate CBD is used to reduce pain, arthritis and inflammation, migraine headaches, anxiety and low mood.

How are Plain Jane pre-rolls made? 

To understand why Plain Jane CBD doesn’t smell, it’s crucial to have a base knowledge of hemp and cannabis. These plants generate several types of compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Most of the health benefits are considered to come from the cannabinoids. The strong aroma, however, is a result of the terpenes. Every strain has its own, unique palate of terpenes, hence why strains can smell and taste so different. 

Terpenes have some useful properties, but this advantage is outweighed by the disadvantage of the powerful and notorious smell. That’s why Plain Jane separate out all the terpenes and toxins when processing their hemp. The outcome is a product that’s teeming with CBD, that still has less than the maximum permitted 0.3% THC, and most importantly, doesn’t generate a smell when you smoke it! 

What’s special about Plain Jane CBD flower? 

Now you know what CBD is, and how Plain Jane CBD oil rolls are made, let’s look more closely at what makes them stand out for the average user.


CBD can be appropriate at any time of day. It’s great in the mornings as part of a ‘wake and bake’ routine, to give you the motivation and mood boost you need to tackle the day’s challenges, and wash away any fatigue. It’s perfect in the afternoons as a pick-me-up if you find your focus levels slacking off. And a large dose is wonderful in the evenings, when all you want to do is relax, and dissolve any pain, anxiety, stresses and worries that have been plaguing you.

Since you may want to take CBD at any point, having a discreet product to hand is paramount. This applies even more if you want to smoke CBD, which is the fastest way to get its effects. With a Plain Jane pre-roll, you can feel comfortable about lighting up anywhere that smoking is allowed. You’ll blend right in with those smoking the more common, tobacco cigarettes. And as you don’t have to worry about getting caught, that may bring your anxiety levels down, too.


Even the most ardent cannabis enthusiasts will probably admit there have been times where they didn’t want to go through the time-consuming act of rolling a joint. But whether you smoke cannabis or high-CBD hemp, if you buy flower, you’ll need to prepare your flower from scratch – unless, of course, you shell out extra for pre-rolled joints. 

The beauty of Plain Jane pre-rolls is that they are convenient and affordable – a pack of 10 can be picked up for less than $20. These are styled like your typical cigarettes, with a filter and tightly-processed roll, made with cigarette rice paper.

Delivers a great CBD experience 

Each pre-roll contains 72mg of CBD, which is a pretty strong dose for most users – even more so as the effects are delivered through inhalation. As every roll is exactly the same, your smokes will be smooth and pleasant without fail. This doesn’t always happen if you have to roll yourself! The Original Plain Janes might not have the flavor of a more general CBD-rich flower. But the discretion and convenience provided more than make up for that. 

Plain Jane – Full Flavor rolls 

Plain Jane CBD have now developed a line of ‘full flavor’ cigarettes. Be aware that these do have the strong, hemp and cannabis aroma that so many are now familiar with. These delicious pre-rolls have the same 0.9 grams of flower and 72mg of CBD, but with the added benefits of terpenes. These pre-rolls deliver a classic hemp experience, and are made in the same way as Plain Jane ‘Originals’, with filtered cigarette rice paper. 

Full Flavor rolls are an ideal choice for CBD smokers who enjoy Plain Jane products, and aren’t concerned about making a smell. For pre-rolls, the Full Flavor CBD cigarettes represent great value as well. 

How Plain Janes can complement your cannabis use 

For psychoactive cannabis users, a non-intoxicating CBD cigarette might not strike as very appealing at first. But it’s definitely worth having a few CBD smokes in your cannabis collection. 

Firstly, they help to make your cannabis experience more economical. Cannabinoid cycling is a new phenomenon that involves switching between THC and CBD products to ensure your tolerance doesn’t get too high. The more THC you smoke, the more that you’ll need going forward to get the same high that you have become accustomed to – unless you take a break. But by smoking CBD cigs in what would traditionally be your tolerance break, you still get to smoke and enjoy the relaxing effects, as the CBD’s regulating effect on the ECS reduces your tolerance! 

Secondly, THC users may benefit from regular CBD supplements for both short and long-term health. Today’s recreational cannabis has changed significantly from that which was cultivated just a few decades ago. In a nutshell, the THC to CBD ratio has increased dramatically, as THC levels have increased and CBD levels have decreased. But research has shown that CBD and THC are complementary, with this relationship playing out in the brain, perhaps more than anywhere else in the body. There isn’t enough evidence to make any concrete claims about the risks of super-strength strains. But that’s because not enough studies have been done. Taking CBD as a supplement is simply a way for seasoned cannabis users to protect their health. 

CBD pre-rolls for anxiety 

And finally, CBD is kryptonite for a ‘high’ that gets out of control. Anyone can take too strong a dose, either through a mistake or because they overestimated what they could handle. A cannabis ‘high’ may also become unpleasant if something unexpected happens, sparking anxiety, paranoia and stress. CBD suppresses the negative effects of THC, by lowering activity at CB1 receptors, which is how THC produces its psychoactive effects. In a real-world situation, if you need your ‘trip’ to end or come down in intensity, taking CBD is as good an approach as any.

Switch to Plain Jane CBD cigarettes!

Are you a tobacco smoker who wants to wave goodbye to nicotine for good? Vaping has become a leading substitute for smoking, and is an ideal solution for millions of people. However, nicotine e-liquids aren’t much help if it’s nicotine that you have a problem with. And what if you don’t want to give up smoking altogether?

That’s where Plain Janes come in. These are nicotine-free, and will not induce the cravings that tobacco cigarettes do. There’s no threat of CBD cigarettes becoming a dangerous habit. And one study suggests they may even be the opposite, with CBD helping to lower cigarette intake. This research goes in tandem with other studies that point toward CBD having anti-addictive effects.

Nicotine is addictive, but it can help with concentration and alertness. But so can CBD! By making the switch from tobacco to CBD cigarettes, you’ll be receiving many more health benefits, while knowing you can stop smoking at any time. Finding it difficult to quit tobacco? Make the change gradually. If you smoke 20 a day, try swapping five tobacco cigarettes for CBD cigarettes. Don’t feel pressured to make a huge change all at once. Setting achievable goals and meeting them will give you more encouragement than setting a near-impossible target and failing. 

What people are saying about Plain Jane CBD rolls 

Plain Jane pre-rolls are popular – but don’t just take our word for it! Many users have commented on how smoking these leaves them feeling relaxed and mellow, just as intended! Some do point out that these may be a little overwhelming for non-smokers, and that’s no surprise. Whatever you smoke, inhaling takes time to get used to. 

The ‘Full Flavor’ rolls are tasty, and seem to be a good choice to CBD flower for those who don’t care about the aroma. A full flavor smoke is also more suitable for people trying cannabinoid cycling, or to reduce their cannabis intake in general. Some Plain Jane CBD reviewers have picked up on the fact that tobacco is inflammatory while CBD is anti-inflammatory. This makes Plain Jane cigs kinder to your immune system than regular cigarettes.

Furthermore, several people who have purchased Plain Jane pre-rolls wholesale for their own businesses have said the packs are flying off the shelves! 

Final thoughts 

Cannabis and hemp smokers have been waiting years for a product that they can use in public, and still go under the radar. This has been made possible by Plain Jane’s novel technique to take the terpenes and toxins out of their hemp extract. There is nothing else like Plain Jane around at the moment, and it will be interesting to see whether other CBD manufacturers try to get involved with smell-free smokes. 

Plain Jane pre-rolls are great for users who just want their daily dose of CBD, but as we’ve explained, they also hold benefits for marijuana users, either to make their consumption more sustainable, or as a way of combating cannabis-induced anxiety. Plain Jane ‘Originals’ and ‘Full Flavor’ smokes have potential for tackling tobacco addiction, too. 

All in all, Plain Jane cigs are an exciting addition to the CBD market. Users have demanded them for so long, and now they’ve finally hit the shelves, they are as satisfying as anticipated. 


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