Leaf Information Systems seed-to-sale traceability plan crashes in PA



Healthcare marijuana retailers in Pennsylvania reported that MJ Freeway’s seed-to-sale traceability technique went down for a lot more than an hour throughout a application update earlier this week, resulting in individuals getting turned away and considerable amounts in lost sales.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that dispensaries across the state on Tuesday have been unable to conduct sales for “hours” and have been forced to shutter early.

In addition:

  • Cultivators have been also unable to ship cannabis merchandise to shops simply because they couldn’t fill out manifests.
  • Shipments that did arrive at the shops couldn’t be sold simply because dispensary workers couldn’t enter them into the MJ Freeway plan.

Denver-primarily based MJ Freeway spokesperson Jeannette Horton told the Inquirer that the Leaf Information Systems plan was down sporadically for a total of an hour and a half.

One particular retailer, Christina Visco, president of TerraVida Holistic Centers, which operates 3 dispensaries in the Philadelphia location, stated she had to turn away hundreds of individuals.

A Leaf Information Systems application update in mid-July in Washington state took down the plan for days, costing thousands of dollars in lost business for the state’s cannabis small business owners.

MJ Freeway and MTech merged earlier this year to kind Akerna, which trades on the Nasdaq as KERN.

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