Australian Outback Cattle Station Receives Green Light From Northern Territory Govt To Develop Industrial Hemp


A cattle station in the middle of the Australian outback has unveiled plans to develop industrial hemp, with the business offered the green light by the Northern Territory Government this week. 130 kilometres north of Alice Springs is Aileron Station and owners the Caason Group say they purchased the house in 2015 expecting to move production from cattle to hemp.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation report

Caason common manager of group operations Andrew Barratt told ABC Rural the group had carried out lots of study into industrial hemp production in south-west WA, and it was now hoping to play a “big part” in the NT’s hemp business.

“The legislation is extended-awaited and represents a superb chance for the NT,” he mentioned.

“Since 2015 we have been involved in hemp and have been seeking at possibilities to trial and create hemp as a crop at Aileron.

“To that finish, we have reviewed current study and applied our personal information gained in WA, and are confident that we have the appropriate varietals and farming procedures to be profitable right here.”

Mr Barratt mentioned the firm anticipated two harvests every year, with the initial industrial harvest anticipated in 18 months.

The station has a two,000 megalitre per year water license for horticulture purposes and Mr Barratt mentioned they planned on employing it all to develop hemp.

He mentioned they would start off with one particular pivot ahead of expanding out to two, taking no much more than 3 years to attain complete production.

The firm expects to invest about $500,000 in the Aileron hemp project, which includes labour and irrigation infrastructure.

Study the complete report and the issues of expanding hemp in arid circumstances right here


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